Thursday, 11 February 2010

Day seventythree....

Bang Bang He Shot Me Down

"I was blown up whilst we were eating cheese."

This quote is taken from Ernest Hemingway's semi-autobiographical novel A Farewell To Arms. It is the main character, Fredrick Henry's, response to an orderly in the hospital asking what heroic act he had committed to result in him being sent to hospital. But Henry is more humble and would rather be honest and say he was enjoying cheese than to make up an heroic act. But he is truly the hero as he goes looking for others wounded.

"I was after him, holding the cheese, its smooth surface covered with brick dust.”

Beautiful stuff. It is a very tragic book, but at the same time it is very sensual, as Hemingway seems to connect near death experience, with the characters appreciations of the finer things in life, such as wine and cheese.

But enough beauty. I should be concentrating on the explosions, the heroism, the edge of your seat stuff. This isn't WW1 now. How do we juxtapose such things these days?

That right we buy the naming rights of a demolition of an American football stadium. Texas Stadium to be precise. Not only are they sponsoring the demolition, they are running a competition to who can press the button.

Some may see this as crass advertising. But we are not elitist and cynical here. Embrace it. What a perfect combination. Releasing a cheese aptly named "cheddar explosion" then buying the rights to a high profile demolition. This is modern day Hemingway writing but in real life. We should be celebrating a company that has developed from this....

To the second largest food and drinks company in the world. So all you bitter Cadburys supporters, do not fret about your new owners. Its time to look to the future.....

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