Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Day sixtyfive.....

The Kids

This is the kind of things that pop into my head when people start mentioning children to me. So I find it strange that I have something in common with these ankle biters. Our wonderment for not only eating cheese but the making of it.

Like a young Tom Ferguson from western Cork this youngster is destined for the stars. Cheese made for children is designed to be playful and juvenile which is understandable. But for some reason a lot of the cheese is processed and dummed down, such as these.

Mmmmmmm, imitation pasteurized process cheese food. Yum yum. That's enough to drool a pint. But why must we process the cheese for them. They drink full fat milk. Cheese is seen as a complete nutritional food. With calcium and protein key for a child's growth. In Italy a raw milk Parmigiano Reggiano is the first solid that passes a new born baby's mouth, and is used to help children with colic. They are taking our children away...

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