Sunday, 7 February 2010

Day sixtynine....

J'aime le fromage

Sex sells. Nothing startling about that comment. It has done so since the dawn of advertising. And many a time it has been the catalyst for a sales boom. For instance W. Duke and Sons inserted risque playing cards into packs of cigarettes in 1885 and by 1890 they were the leading cigarette brand.

Look at those beauties. Bada bing. If the nicotine didn't bring you back for more those pictured harlequins would have you counting your nickles and dimes on the counter. So 120years on from those primitive advertising techniques how are our modern ad men promoting new brands? Years of education and research, looking at brand centric measures to push their products. Public relations and psychological profiles help the retailers find out what their consumers want. Lets see these new techniques in action.

Nothing ever changes. With names such as Roxane Cantale, Adele Pont L'eveque, Juliette Comte, Geraldine Gruyere and Barbara Munster these lovely ladies are the cheese lovers equivalent of Keeley Hazel and Lucy Pinder. Roll up, roll up get your back issues here.

Who needs a 2008 calender? Such a sexy calender, French with a twist of the American, its making me feel all loved up. Je T'aime.

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