Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Day eight....

Kraft macaroni and Cheese
Here is another beautiful example of the versatility of cheese. Macaroni had long been a European favourite throughout the 1800s, stolen from the Chinese, by that "krafty" Marco Polo.

Looks very shifty, but that's probably the 25 years of travelling can do that to you.
But back to Kraft. It began life as a proper cheese company with the founder James L. Kraft wanting to bring affordable cheese products to America. And achieved this with a product beautifully named "America Cheese".

But it was the war which was the upturn for Kraft. He sold £6million worth of cheese to the army, and on their return everyone had now got a taste for it. The salesmen start trying the powdered cheese to boxes of macaroni. Kraft caught on and Kraft Macaroni and cheese was born.

How could a nation refuse this? I hope with the popularity of American products these days, Kraft relaunch it in the UK, i think an add featuring this tune by these young upstarts would be appropriate....

Thank you and good night.

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