Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Day sixteen....

I Love Camembert.

Who doesn't? Spread on a cracker, melted on bread, baked in oven or bread crumbed and deep fried it doesn't matter just as long as it goes in my mouth, delectable! But I feel as though my love for this cheese just isn't enough. When we first met tastes, I yearned for it like no other but as time passed on we got comfortable. I neglected it. Never told it how much i enjoyed it. We got complacent in out relationship and then one day I heard this lullaby wafting from the nearby alley.

Pascal Assy, or in English according to google translate Assy Pascal, wrote a sonnet to steal my beloved. Damn him and his guitar. Why is it they always go for the boys in the band. Who can compete. His website states...

"Pascal Assy makes you humor in July and August"

Look at him, half Billy Bob Thornton, half Jonathan Richman. Dairy products follow second to women in tales of pursuit. Enjoy another craftsman at his work as I tearfully browse old photos of le rustique and remember the good times.

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