Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Day twentythree....

The allergy, the allergy, the allergy is the future.

Skin rash? Upset stomach? Swelling? Constipation? Itching? Anaphylaxsis? If these are your symptoms it could just be you are one of the few unlucky people who are allergic to cheese. This is hardcore stuff compare to those lucky lactose intolerant. They can snack upon some cheese as long as they are chugging some Lactaid. The difference being the allergy attacks the immune system whereas an intolerance works into the metabolism. I found this educationally video to explain.

Many peoples lives have been ruined by allergies so count yourself very lucky. Next time you chow on some gluten, or slug some lactose think of the peoples lives affected every days by thing you and me take for granted. This story is a bit blue so if your offended please leave me an angry message.

Excuse the obvious give away in the link. Its the work of metro, not myself.

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