Monday, 28 December 2009

Day twentyeight...

Curds and Whey

"Cottage cheese, cottage cheese, it's the only cheese that's guaranteed to please"

A bold statement made by Mr Vic Reeves and Mr Bob Mortimer, but it is one of the most common types of cheese, as well it is the most common cheese people would produce themselves. It would have been made in small colonial American cottages, with the milk left over from butter making, and that is how it is believed to have got its name.

Cottage cheese is a curd cheese. This means as the curds and whey are separated, the whey is then drained off. But it is not pressed so doesn't harden like a cheddar and that's how cottage cheese gets its consistency.

Without knowledge most of us are aware of cottage cheese from a young ages as a certain miss Muffet was a big fan of cottage cheese. This contemporary piece shows her love of the curds. We are never too far from curds and whey.

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