Friday, 18 December 2009

Day eighteen....

Smoked Cheese

One always wanders how do pairings come together? Fish and chips, lamb and mint, pork and apple, a burger and a pint for a fiver. I wander if this was the origins of the cheese so aptly named smoked.

Not this said incident, but I wander if Homer when casting his eye on the cheeses of the Greek mountain caves thought.

"I like cheese, but this feta just crumbles, its salty, and stereotypical of me as a Greek man to succumb to such stereotypes, how can i make it better? I know set it on fire,"
"Fire, dum dum da, I take you to burn, dum dum da. Oh fire, dum dum da, I take you to learn, dum dum da, I'll see you burn."

The second one being the more likely quote for the epic poet.

Whilst smoked cheese is very big in Europe, with England, producing Smoked Apple wood, plus the Bavarian smoked from Austria and Germany, and not forgetting that the Swiss can smoke their Emmentaller, it doesn't seem to have had such wide spread appeal in Japan. This one girl just craves some answers. But in a world of hidden truths will she ever achieve smokey fromage bliss.

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