Sunday, 13 December 2009

Day thirteen....

Holy Cheese ii

Holy cheese indeed, but how, why, why is there holes in cheese? Well it is "gassy bacteria". Propionibacter shermani to be precise. Once this is added to the cheese and warmed it creates bubbles of carbon dioxide and viola holy cheese or as the Swiss so funny call it Emmentaler. But where is the fun of that? So the great story tellers of yester year dreamed up that a cute little mouse creating the holes would be far more appetising. Starting two myths in one. In fact mice are indifferent towards cheese, even a 18 month matured in a cave, pong blue de ougne. They would much prefer a nice square of Cadburys. Years of media followed this with rhymes such as the Farmer in the dell referencing the mouse takes the cheese, the mouse takes the cheese and Tom trying to entice Jerry with slices of cheese, did he not realise after years of failing cheese wasn't the right trap for intended purposes. But it wasn't until 1993 that the men in the studios realised how to sell us on the truth.....

Biker Mice from Mars, and who were there arch enemies??? Laurence Limburger, Lord Camembert and Napoleon Brie. There has always been an undertone of cartoon creators pushing their subliminal messages upon the child masses but this was a bit obvious.

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