Saturday, 19 December 2009

Day nineteen...

The Creamery for You and Me

Most of the cheese that will pass through our mouths will be produced in a creamery. A creamery? A creamery? A creamery? Yes a creamery. A creamery is the gathering place of milk. They love it there. All this milk makes its way from the cows in many fields in a region to one wee factory. There just wouldn't be enough room in the factory you see. And then this happens...

This is the viewing area in a creamery. This being one of the most exciting moments in cheese making. The cutting of the curds. But such a flamboyant method to do something simple. Maybe as this is the viewing area they were under pressure to put on a show and maybe that's why in so many factories in the 80's they used to whizz the product around like it was coming off a newsreel. All this technology and it wouldn't look as impressive going in a straight line. Subject below is another example, albeit non cheese but great song nonetheless.

These are far removed from even some of the artisan cheeses being produced though out the world, but non can sure complete with the highest cheese factory in the world.

This cheese factory is on a plateau just before the GanJa-La Pass in the Himalayas and produces Yaks milk Cheese. A feast for belly and eyes.

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