Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Day fifty....

"Whoa, We Are Half Way There"

As some irrelevant person may have sung at sung time, whilst sporting a unnecessarily flamboyant haircut, I am now half way to one hundred days of cheese. Its been a joy. From the ridiculous to the sublime.

Cheese is such a diverse critter. But it is so diverse that it can be spread across many food groups? Here is the basic food triangle that haunts us from youth. We tried to flip it upside down. But the Egyptians didn't make it like this for fun.

Yeah its got the dairy section well wrapped up. But can it conquer the great leap and slide across into the meat section? There are many expects who believe it can, and one idiot.

"Tommy had many dreams. He dreamt of a zoo that could fit inside a key."

So as i leave tonight it is I that has become the dreamer. 50days gone 50days to go.

"We all dream, but do we really dream?"

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