Monday, 18 January 2010

Day fourtynine.....

Sex, Drugs and Cashel Blue (Part ii)

"Roquefort should be eaten on one's knees"

A great quote from the "father of the table" Grimod de la Reyniere. As a child he was born with deformed hands and consequently his famous father hid his boy away from public visits to their estate. This helped develop his wit and strange sense of humour in 18th century. One of the first food critiques he was a fan of mixing his love for classical music and woman, comparing each to food.

But blue cheese has been seen as a type of glutenous aphrodisiac for many a year. Even the second greatest lover of all time Casanova would often nag on about how Roquefort washed down with a healthy glug of Chambertin was the best way to arise passions. However maybe the cheat used a bit more of the Chambertin. But nonetheless it seems a good bit of blue leads to a good bit of blue. So patrons of i urge you.... GO BLUE!!!

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