Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Day fiftyseven....

Leave It Alone

I recently opened my fridge door to find...

"Eggs and garlic, the cheese and tomatoes, the milk and the beer"

Just like the song. These things are staples in my fridge. By staples I mean the only things. But I am not alone. According to the Information Resources Inc. cheese is the 6th most bought product in supermarkets. I am suspicous of the salty snacks.

This chart tells us a lot about modern day society. Mainly we get drunk, then have breakfast. So I am not alone and now I have a chart and a large market research company behind me. Throw off the veil of your wholesome, healthy lives and have a beer/ale/hard cider, light up a feg, natural cheese on fresh bread and rolls for dinner, wash your teeth with a carbonated beverage and sleep safe knowing you are not alone.

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