Saturday, 16 January 2010

Day fourtyseven.....

Cheesy Moon

"They're about to poke their genitals into our cream cheese moon right moon right now. That's my eye, the moon is part of me. Why don't they poke it in the sun? They're not very daring."

Mr C Beefheart. A poet, visionary, a drunk. Perfect combination.

But where did the notion of the moon being made out of cheese originate from. And what cheese would it be? This evidence leads me to think a nice cream cheese.

But enough of all this frivolousness. The real reason is due to English writer John Heywood. In a collection of his proverbs he penned.

"The moon is made from greene cheese"

Greene being unaged, such as a cream cheese. It was unknown if he was being serious or just indulging in ridiculousness but it stuck. For all you people dubious of the Apollo moon landings and believe of the possibility of a cheesy moon here is a site for you to help you make your mind up.

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