Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Day fiftyeight....

Drop It Like Its Hot

One of the most contentious points that is causing raging debates amongst modern day cheese connoisseurs is the wrapping of cheese. There are no hard and fast rules for wrapping your cheese. But what is best for your cheese? Well there are two main options:

In the red corner weighing very little, born in a lab, its the undefeated world champion.... Cling film. Cling film or plastic wrap as it is also known was originally made from PVC and invented accidentally by a scientist trying to create a hard plastic covering for his car. Cling film is great for sustaining the life of your cheese, however some say it transfers a taste of plastic and can create a layer of sweat on the cheese.

And in the blue corner, weighing in at very little, hailing from the US of A, contender..... Wax paper. Wax paper was invented by a little known Thomas Edison. It is paper that is made moisture proof by the application of wax. Quite self explanatory. It is fast becoming as popular as cling in delicatessens as it is believed to let the cheese breathe. However it the cheese will not keep as fresh as it is not air tight.

So both have their pros and cons. And I know what your thinking, Stop sitting on the fence and tell us Mr.onemanandhischeese what is your preference. Well my friends there is only one way I like to wrap cheese....

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