Friday, 15 January 2010

Day fourtysix.....


In this cold, winter months sometimes life can just get tough. It becomes hard even to imagine what luxuries we could be enjoying as we trudge through everyday life battling rain, ice, wind and snow. But what if we could escape to some paradise.

This painting by Jan Bruelghal the Younger is not too far away. Our imagination is a great thing, but what is even greater is Seinfeld. So when feeling down and out try and subscribe to the mind of George Costanza. The man who brought us ideologies as doing the opposite of any impulse you have has got the key to mid winter depression. Watch from 5m40s.

"I was free and clear. I was living the dream. I was stripped to the waist eating a block of cheese the size of a car battery."

So go grab life by the udders and get some cheese. Any cheese, quantity over quality get the halogen heater on the lights out and live the dream.

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