Sunday, 31 January 2010

Day sixtytwo....

You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Camembert

"You gotta fight for your right to party"

I sure a lot of you will be familiar with Mike D, MCA and Ad-Rock. The trio that make Beastie Boys. And of course this is one of their most famous tunes. Since 1986 we have being fighting for our right to party. But there is a battle that has been raging in the north of France for many more years. I present you Camembert.

This is a effortless classy cheese. Even before Camembert de Normandie had been given the AOC (a list of regulations that must be adhered to for the cheese to be legally called Camembert de Normandie) it was one of the worlds most copied cheeses. The battle rages in Normandy about the traditional production methods of Camembert. France, whose name is synonymous with cheese are claiming that there are dangers with cheese made from raw milk. But as long as it is regulated correctly there is no problem. The traditionalists argue that it is about money and the large creameries can sell a pasteurised Camembert for the same price with lower margins just because the name. Personally I would stick to the raw milk, so much more romance, what a beautiful way to go. Two lovers and a slab of Camembert. And as I am sure I have quoted before and I will do again.

"To die by your side. Oh the passion the privilege is mine"

(Incase you didnt notice, watch from the beginning and look for the name of the song. Whats in a name?)

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