Monday, 25 January 2010

Day fiftysix.....

The Midnight Chip

Its just struck midnight. The clubs are spilling out onto the street. The girl who you have been lusting after all night slyly glances over her shoulder as she slips on that red jacket and heads for the door. As you advance towards the exit thinking of drivel will leave your mouth as you try to muster some courage to speak to her, the brute in his bovver boots steps in your way. What do you do. Sing it Wild Beasts...

"But… I only winded that lad before he bolted.
And… I only fumbled that lass, besides, I was revolted.
So for forgiveness,
with me boyz as witness,
Take these chips with cheese,
as an offering of peace."

How could we get through the maze of a hazy Saturday night without them. We need to stay out that extra hour just case we whiff a party, or the girl of your dreams is in distress. What better excuse. The chip with cheese. Everyones favourite. Cheap as... chips.

Even add some gravy if your are feeling in a victorious mood. But are you feed up of being limited to only having this delicacy when the sun in coming up on the 7th day? Well then my fiends its is time to set sail for Quebec. This is one of their staple meals. It goes by the name poutine. So jump on the next coffin ship and become a wild beast.

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