Saturday, 30 January 2010

Day sixtyone....

Beautiful, Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL

After a long 50hr week the tolls of the professional cheesemonger/layabout can start to show. Many a time people have been known to pass remarks on how worn down I look. Strange. It had been starting to get me down a bit so I thought time for a change. Gone are the days of not respecting this fine o mine. So off to the V05 factory I went. And soon returned thinking.

"Flip me what suckas gonna pay £29.95 fo dis."

So in the age of alternative medicines I began to look around. And then I found this...

This is just a visual representation of what I found. Here is the article.

So basically mix cheese, specifically Wensleydale, with some milk and apply to your face. Add cucumbers to the eyes for added effect. Then boil some pasta and tip your face and not only do you look younger and more refreshed. Dinner is served. Bon appetite.

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