Thursday, 28 January 2010

Day fiftynine....

The House That Cheese Built

Or more to the point the house covered in cheese. Cosimo Cavallaro.

Look at him. A Che type freedom fighter. He will not be oppressed in this modern day society. So lets all join him as he breaks free from the shackles of this modern life. And how does he mess with the system? Well just like anyone else he throws food around houses.

This is a room covered in ketchup or is it cat sup?

But this is only his entree. For the main he has served us up this...

"La Casa di Formaggio"

This was just an ordinary house in suburban America. Using 10,000 of spray on cheddar it is covered inside and out. Genius. If your bread falls on the floor now, you don't shout the obscenities of the day, you just pick it up and umm, cheese on toast. A unique mind. Reminds me of another famous Cosimo.... Cosimo Kramer!

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